As of today, it’s been almost two weeks that I’m stuck. I’m supposed to create three stranded colourwork new sock patterns: one for my upcoming sock book, one designed to use up yarn leftovers, and one as a collaboration with TrÍScote. And I’m stuck. For the first time since I started designing, I’ve got a bad case of creative block.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have a pretty good idea of what I want these socks to look like. But I’m having the hardest time translating them into actual charts and patterns. 

    Colour work allows for an infinity of possibilities in terms of stitch patterns and I truly thing that’s the origin of my problem. Why settle on one stitch pattern when there’s millions of other ones which could be as good or maybe even better than the one I’m currently charting? Is my colour choice really working? How many colours should I use to enhance both the yarn and the stitch pattern? So many questions are popping into my head right now!

    Right now, I’ve set up a system to overcome this creative block. I’m sharing it today because it might help you as well if you find yourself in the same situation, whether it be choosing your next knitting project, pattern, colours, etc.

    • First of all, do something else. I know it’s quite counter-intuitive but it does really work. In the meantime, I’ve designed and started to knit a shawl and a mosaic sock pattern (more about it on the blog soon, I promise!). What’s done is done and that’s that out of your mind. 
    • This one might not work for everyone but try to find a context to work with. In my case, I want to use flowers in the book sock, all-over stitch patterns and matching borders for the yarn leftover sock, and classic sweater-like colourwork for the one designed for TrÍScote. I still need to refine it a bit but it does help if your problem is having too many options to choose from.
    • Do your research. I’ve spend hours browsing Ravelry and Lopi books for colourwork patterns or reading Alice Starmore´s Book of Fair Isle Knitting*. I’m currently pondering adding 200 Fair Isle Motifs by Mary Jane Mucklestone* to my knitting library. Seeing how others worked in the same boundaries as you have can unlock your mind. 
    • I have wonderful friends (and boyfriend) who don’t mind talking knitting and designs all day long and I can’t thank them enough for that! When you’re having a hard time choosing between patterns or colour, talk about it to the persons who know you the most. Their perspectives might shed a new light on your issue and unlock you.
    • Lay out all your yarns and/or knit swatches (I know, it sucks but it might help and if it does, you’ve already have your swatch knitted and you can start your project right away). Try to arrange your colours in different orders to see how they play together. Knit swatches in different yarns to see if the yarn will be a good fit to your pattern of choice. 

    With all these secret weapons under my belt, I have high hopes of having good news and new socks on my needles in a few days!


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  • I can’t believe it’s been already 3 years since the Tisserin Coquet adventure started! With 26 knitting patterns published, a LOT more still in the designing stage, a large range of stitch markers available, new products in the making (hint: sock knitters, you’ll love it!) and regular teaching sessions at Le Chat qui Tricote, it has been 3 wonderful years with you!

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