It’s not a triangular shawl. It does not have a garter stitch border. But I love it to pieces. I called it Falling Slowly and you can find the pattern on Ravelry

    This shawl is an ode to cold, calm, and white snowy days that winter gracefully give us sometimes. Don’t you love these quiet moments, when nature is silent and all you can hear is your own footpath squeaking in the snow? I do. Well actually, I long for these days all over the year. If you could see me on snowy mornings, you would think I lose my mind during the night (and you might be true, my brain stops working the minute I see snow!). 

    The shawl starts at the centre edge and is worked as a half-pi shaped shawl. Its double yarn over stitch pattern progress throughout the body of the shawl getting more scattered as you progress. The pattern includes both a written and chart version of the diagrams, this way you can choose the one you like best. And both version have been tested throughout, this way you can relax and enjoy knitting while sipping your hot cocoa (yes, it might be a cliché but in my world, every snowy day needs a giant cup of hot cocoa to be perfect).

    The stripy lace border is then worked in German Short Rows. Short rows are really simple to work and they are almost invisible on stocking stitch. This way the border almost blends in the shawl body. The pattern includes detailed instructions on how to work German Short Rows and Double Yarn-Overs. This way you’ll always have it with you even if you’re offline. If you want to see in-motion action on how to do them, head over to my YouTube channel where you’ll be able to see video tutorials of both techniques (both videos are in French but you can mute them if my blabbering bothers you).

    I chose to use two colours to enhance the border, but you don’t necessary have to. Right before launching the pattern test, I was secretly hoping that one of my tester will knit it in only one colour. I can’t wait to share her version with you, it’s so pretty! In the meantime, if you like to play with colours and want to get your hands on one of the yarn combo we’ve created for you, they are available on Petit Bout de Laine eshop. In each combo, you’ll get two skeins of Petit Bout de Laine Sweet’Fing, her 100%-merino fingering plied yarn and a coupon code allowing you to get 20% off the pattern price. Grab your 4mm (US #6) needles, two stitch markers and you’re all set up to start your own Falling Slowly shawl.


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